Essential Tools for Shipping and Prepping Your Amazon Orders: Boost Efficiency and Save Time

Amazon provides two popular selling methods: Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM). While FBA allows sellers to tap into Amazon's vast customer base and storage, packaging, and shipping services, FBM gives sellers more control over their inventory and shipping process. Both methods require proper product preparation to ensure success. In this blog article, we will discuss the essential tools for shipping and prepping your Amazon orders for both FBA and FBM, items that make life easier, and specialized tools for handling bundles, multi-packs, and open-faced products.

1. Must-Have Tools for Amazon FBA and FBM Prep

Shipping Boxes: To send your products to Amazon's fulfillment centers (FBA) or directly to customers (FBM), you'll need a good supply of shipping boxes in various sizes. You can purchase boxes from local stores or find free ones from different sources, such as online shopping, Craigslist, or local grocery stores.

Shipping Tape: Heavy-duty shipping tape is essential for sealing your boxes securely. A tape dispenser makes applying the tape to your boxes much easier and efficient.

Shipping Scale: Accurate shipping weights are crucial for determining shipping charges. Invest in a scale that can weigh up to 50 pounds and can accommodate large shipping boxes.

Wireless Rollo Thermal Printer: A thermal printer is needed to print barcode labels for your inventory (FBA) and shipping labels for your inbound shipping boxes (FBA) or customer orders (FBM). Thermal printers don't use ink and don't smear on your barcode labels, providing better scanning accuracy. If you want the wired version of this printer which is $100 cheaper CLICK HERE.

Address Labels and Box Labels: Small address labels are used for printing individual barcode labels (FNSKU labels) for your FBA inventory. Larger shipping labels are necessary for labeling your inbound shipping boxes (FBA) or customer orders (FBM).

2. Tools that Make Life Easier

Scotty Peeler: If you find yourself removing many labels or price stickers, a Scotty Peeler will save you time and frustration. It simplifies the process of lifting labels off the packaging.

Box Resizer: A box resizer helps you cut off excess cardboard, creating a perfectly sized box for each shipment. This can save on shipping costs by reducing dimensional weight.

Wireless USB Scanner: A USB barcode scanner simplifies the process of listing products by UPC code, speeding up the listing process and minimizing the chance of errors.

Poly Bags: Amazon requires poly bags for some types of products in FBA. These bags protect items from damage, dirt, or leaks. Ensure the poly bags you use have the required suffocation warning printed on them. For FBM, poly bags are recommended to protect your products during shipping.

"Sold as Set" Stickers: To avoid confusion and ensure accurate processing, Amazon requires that all multi-packs and bundles be marked as sets for FBA. Brightly colored "Sold as Set" labels make it easy for Amazon associates to identify your bundled products. For FBM, using "Sold as Set" stickers can help customers recognize bundled products and prevent returns due to confusion.


Understanding and investing in the right tools for shipping and prepping your Amazon orders for both FBA and FBM can significantly impact your business's efficiency and success

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